Shaneika Johnson-Simms is a filmmaker and writer based in London.

Shaneika is currently doing talks and interviews around the subject of starting and finishing self-initiated projects, using your resources (no matter how limited), using your shyness to your advantage and overcoming the fear of creative failure.

She’s also available for interviews about her debut independent feature film, Doll Factory.

Shaneika also offers a masterclass titled Intro to Filmmaking, where Shaneika shares her insights and learnings and sets a creative task. Her masterclass can be done in person and virtually.

Past speaking engagements: We Rise, University of the Arts, London, I Like Networking and BrainFest Festival.


“Shaneika shared such insight and wisdom with the mentees on our programme, in a way that was light, down to earth, yet truly inspiring. Her style of communication is relaxed and at ease, yet highly professional and deeply engaging. Bravo!” Nikkola Daniel - Mentoring Programme Developer at We Rise

“The evening was a breath of fresh air.  I especially valued Shaneika’s invitation to “find the mission, otherwise it’s just a job” and “nothing amazing happens in your comfort zone”.
Lois Bentley

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