For the three days off I had off I was determined to not use them being curled up bed covered in crisp dust. So I ended up booking myself in for some really fun, women-led events, one of them being the HERVISIONS digital breakfast. Even though I work within the live-action space, I firmly believe in learning and pulling inspo from different mediums. The women who spoke and showed their work inspired me to ensure that you’re just always creating, even if it’s just for yourself. I hope you find these notes useful and please do follow HERVISIONS, they’re so cool and the founder @zaibajabbar is a total babe! [Also, this event was the perfect excuse for me to have a little peep into Second Home and FYI, it’s gorg!]


Tuesday 29th October 2019 - Location: Second Home, London Fields.

Natasha Smith, co-founder of Virtual Super Land 

+ Build hype for your brand launch/revamp. Make it bold and interactive as much as possible.

+ Pitch idea fully developed to aid in getting support. 

+ Make it innovative and current for brands who want to stay ahead of the curve.

+ Be fun online and IRL. Make a way for brands to want to collaborate with you.

+ Have offerings that can be used for multiple brands with their own style.

+ Pin point your USP. Do you help consumers create fun content? Do you make brands seems cooler? Does your offering work across different platforms? Find out and utilise it.

Teresa Forolari, digital creative

+ Pinpoint your chosen aesthetic choice.

+ Learn and be self-taught, YouTube is your friend.

+ Have a specialism (3D advertising is hers).

+ Know what excites you... That’s your space.

+ Know what you’re trying to communicate and give it depth. [Show brand values and style for example.]

+ Hack new ways for brands to communicate and advertise brand values. [Distil it down to keywords]

+ Know what the client truly does and hack how they can show it. This can include the small details that set them apart.

+ Make more personal projects to keep portfolio up to date. 

+ Have ongoing projects that include research and/or assets that keep growing.

Kate Bones, GIF artist

+ Reach out to people, tell them you like their work, comment on their Instagram post/stories and approach brands.

+ Clients would want the proven thing that works, so empower yourself through personal projects and collaborate with friends.

+ If you notice something lacking in your work, experiment and shoot new things/surroundings to find out what it is.

+ Play with different mediums and technologies (shooting on film, digital, 5 cams at a time, playing with animation.)

+ You don’t have to stick to your roots or training.

+ Have proof of the different work you make online to allow yourself to move into new territories, however, understand that most clients want what they want.

Thank you for reading  my notes, I hope you come back and refresh your memory when things feel a bit stiff for you creatively!