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Use your voice to build your life

Photography by Raphael Boamah-Asare

Hi, I’m Shaneika, and I believe that creative independence is a birthright.

I’m a filmmaker and writer who:

+ Operates a production company (Asare Simms) which produces branded videos, some of which that went viral
+ Worked as an in-house creative 9-5 (or in my case, 9-6)
+ Worked freelance for leading brands
+ Wrote, directed and produced an independent feature film
+ Speaks to students and graduates about business and creativity
+ Believes in the power of mindset, manifestation and doing the work

I share my experiences and thoughts on how to gain confidence, launch your business and live the life you dream of, only because that’s exactly what I’m doing now after 7 + years of learning, testing and refining my strategies.

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